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Photoproject ˝Acquainted faces, hidden image˝

Photoproject is devoted to all ingrian women. Ingrian finns are one of the native peoples of the Baltic region of Russia. The count of it’s representatives decreases very fast these days. People forget their roots or move abroad.

Usually it is not quite easy to understand, that this certain person is ingrian finn. Well acquainted nothern face type, common outfits and fluent russian language.

16 photoportraits show an authentic image, that is usually hidden.

Photoproject has been made by several people. Photographer Olga Uimanen, second photographer and postproduction Susanna Parkkinen, visage by Julia Presnyakova, photographer’s assistants Elena Tikka and Dmitry Guitor. Credits to Saint-Petersburg Sociaty of Ingrian finns, Venäjä-Suomi Sociaty and Government of Saint-Petersburg.

An exhibition took place in June 2016 on a traditional ingrian summer holiday Juhannus in Sestroretsk, Russia.








Outdoor exhibition on a traditional summer folk festival of ingrian finns








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