Susanna Parkkinen

Graphic design & ADs

Photoproject ˝Acquainted faces, hidden image˝

Folk Summer Holiday’s style advertisment concepts

100% natural flats by O2 Group

SMM greeting cards

Photo cutout board and wedding invitation

Outdoor signs for a developer

O2 Group. Page in a business magazine

О2 group promo presents

Infographics and schemes

RosEvroBank annual report

O2 eco calendar 2015

Landing for a doctor

O2 Development offer booklets

X-mas and New Year’s presents for O2 customers

O2 Development AD campaign, january 2015

O2 Depelopment AD campaign, november 2014

O2 Develpment Advertising campaign and it’s continue

O2 Park. Idea, tagline and style for an exhibition stand

Puzzle and Colouring book. Presents for tiny customers

Landing page for a medical clinic’s special therapy

Fitness House. June’14 avdertisement campaign’s offer

Fitness House advertimesent, april 2014

Photo session SM post

Fitness Bus

Tricolor TV booklet

Packaging for cottage cheese (concepts)

Philips Audio systems. Shelf talker concept

Dragon sticker for a motobike

Inflatable advertisement 2007-2010

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